Cufflinks Through the Ages: Sterling Silver and Otherwise

by Angie Mastroyiannis October 31, 2017

Cufflinks Through the Ages: Sterling Silver and Otherwise - ONE BOND STREET

Just like exquisite sets of sterling silver cufflinks, like those sold by One Bond Street, a luxurious and elegant suit should be a staple component of any dapper and cultivated gentleman’s wardrobe. In fact, just like with stylish sterling silver cufflinks, every gentleman would do well to own multiple suits!

These should not, however, be just any old suits -  in the same way you wouldn’t sport just any old cufflinks. Indeed, there’s simply nothing worse than catching sight of a gentleman robed in an ill-fitting suit or one that is not quite the right colour, cut or style for his appearance. It is the easiest way to ruin an outfit and appear untidy and lacklustre.

With all of this in mind, it seems there’s a great deal of benefit to putting a good amount of time, research and effort into choosing a suit that is perfect for you. With so many options and styles to choose from, however, this can be a daunting notion; when armed with some useful and essential tips, though, this does not have to be the case. 

The first thing to note is that fit is everything; you must ensure that any suit you purchase fits perfectly to your body. If it’s too tight and restrictive or to baggy and loose it will certainly not do you any favours. This is a real deal breaker and no amount of accessories, like beautiful sterling silver cufflinks, as sold by One Bond Street, or elegant bow ties, will make up for this aspect. To ensure that you get this exactly right, a visit to the tailors is a splendid idea.

Another important tip is to think carefully about the style you’d like to wear. A very popular trend at the moment is to opt for slimmer fitting suits which are more narrow around the chest, with tapered trousers. These can look incredible sharp and contemporary, however, if any of the fabric looks stretched out or too tight, it will entirely ruin the appeal. A suit like this would look magnificent if paired with a stunning set of sterling silver cufflinks, like those sold by One Bond Street, and maybe a delicate and exquisite bespoke bangle, for a modern and stylish twist.

The colour of a suit is also important. Think, for example, about whether the suit you are buying will complement the clothing and accessories you already possess. If you have lots of blue shirts, for instance, you may not wish to opt for a blue suit. If you own lots of sets of stunning sterling silver cufflinks, will these work better with blue, black, grey?

Of course, all in all, choosing a suit is a very personal and subjective experience, as is buying any item of clothing or accessory, whether it be shirts, shoes, cufflinks, bangles, bags and more. However, just like with most things that are worthwhile, if you put a little time and effort into such an endeavour, its more than likely that you’ll strike gold.

Angie Mastroyiannis
Angie Mastroyiannis


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