Sterling Silver Cufflinks and Tuxedo Ensembles: How To Dress For Formal Events

by Angie Mastroyiannis October 13, 2017

Sterling Silver Cufflinks and Tuxedo Ensembles: How To Dress For Formal Events - ONE BOND STREET

In some respects, dressing for formal events is more straightforward for the average gentleman than other affairs as, unlike with casual or even smart casual occasions, the types of garments and accessories that can and cannot be worn have already been decided for you. You can, for instance, wear luxurious bow ties and elegant tuxedos, whereas, you cannot wear brightly coloured shirts or lounge attire – not without sticking out like a sore thumb, anyway!

Bow ties and tuxedos are, of course, an integral part of formal attire; giving any refined gentleman a debonair and cultivated appearance. Perhaps one of the most important yet sadly overlooked elements, however, that every gentleman should surely sport when attending grand and opulent events, are stylish and exquisite sterling silver cufflinks, like those sold by One Bond Street. Indeed, although they are small and oftentimes understated, it is stunning sterling silver cufflinks that can take formal apparels to the next level of refinement.

This is because, the addition of fine sterling silver cufflinks, like One Bond Street’s exclusive range, endows the wearer with an air of polished dapperness and distinction that simply cannot be achieved without them. It suggests the debonair gent has thought about every aspect of his exterior, with meticulous precision, down to the very last, minute detail. It suggests that he wants to make a statement, he knows exactly how to dress and wishes to inject a little of his own character into his façade.

A note of caution, though, sterling silver cufflinks, like those retailed by One Bond Street, should be selected with ones’ outfit in mind; they should match the wearer’s apparel, complementing it perfectly, if refinement and sophistication is being sought. This means, for black tie events, when tuxedos, dress shirts and bow ties are the order of the day, gaudy and colourful sterling silver cufflinks should be left behind. They would attract far too much attention and clash with one’s apparel, detracting from the urbane and sophisticated tuxedo ensemble. Big, gold cufflinks would have the same effect and should also be excluded from formal events.

Instead, a simplistic and elegant set of sterling silver cufflinks should be sought. A number of pairs, just like this, can be purchased from One Bond Street, purveyors of the finest cufflinks in London. These can be entirely plain, engraved with a personal message, initials, or a date, or delicately patterned with a simple and intricate design. One Bond Street’s Taylor or Koi cufflinks would fit the bill famously. Further, the beauty of this kind of cufflinks is that they are incredibly versatile and, thus, can be worn on a number of other occasions and made to fit almost any apparel as long as a shirt with the necessary holes for fastening is being sported.

So, if you are sporting a tuxedo and bow tie ensemble and attending a black tie event, be sure to fasten some simplistic and elegant sterling silver cufflinks, like those sold by One Bond Street to your shirt sleeves, to achieve a dapper, polished and refined exterior. And also be sure to re-use them at a number of other events, whether it is an office party, a meeting or a lunch with friends, as their versatility means you can wear them again and again.

Angie Mastroyiannis
Angie Mastroyiannis


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