One Bond Street Celebrates The Year Of The Dog With Sterling Silver Cufflinks

by Angie Mastroyiannis February 16, 2018

One Bond Street Celebrates The Year Of The Dog With Sterling Silver Cufflinks - ONE BOND STREET

One of the most vibrant, colourful and exciting annual events, today is the start of Chinese New Year, so expect dynamic displays, and lively celebrations around the globe. According to the Chinese calendar, this year these celebrations and festivities are intended to welcome in the year of the dog: the eleventh of the zodiac animals. And because of this, we at One Bond Street thought what better way to bring in the year of the dog than to take a look at how people across the United Kingdom will be celebrating this event?! 

For us, as a luxury sterling silver cufflink and jewellery retailer, the way in which we choose to honour this event is unlikely to surprise you: we make stunning sterling silver cufflinks and jewellery specially to mark the occasion! Indeed, last year we produced a marvellous set of sterling silver rooster cufflinks inspired by the year of the rooster, alongside a fabulous rooster inspired sterling silver bangle. And this year: a beautiful set of sterling silver cufflinks in honour of the year of the dog. In keeping with One Bond Street’s signature style, these elegant cufflinks feature our interpretation of a British bulldog, Chinese style and in red, against a crisp white backdrop. 

Aside from producing fabulous sterling silver cufflinks and bangles, there are many ways in which people celebrate the Chinese New Year around the UK. In London, for instance, every year a world famous parade is held, in which, amongst many other things, a special light show takes place and around 700,000 people attend! This is the biggest Chinese New Year event outside of Asia and, although not quite as spectacular as One Bond Street’s exclusive sterling silver year of the dog cufflinks, is certainly a sight to see and something everyone should experience!

In Manchester, there will be a dragon procession and even some rides, dance displays and martial arts exhibitions taking place. There will also be impressive fireworks displays, workshops, good food, crafts, stalls and a whole host more. If you attend these fabulous festivities - and why on earth would you not? - you may even catch a glimpse of some debonair gentlemen sporting One Bond Street’s delightfully exquisite year of the dog sterling silver cufflinks to mark the occasion. Or, alternatively, you may even decide to purchase your own set of these fine sterling silver cufflinks for the event!

On top of all of this, in Bristol, there will be street food, a parade, and a traditional lion dance, and in Liverpool expect lanterns, parades, performances, great food and stalls! There are of course many other locations and ways in which the Chinese Year of the Dog will be welcomed in around the UK – too many to mention, in fact. However, regardless of location or event, be sure to celebrate this vibrant and spirited festival by sporting One Bond Street’s stunning year of the dog sterling silver cufflinks! This will help you to celebrate the Year of the Dog in style whilst also providing you with a keepsake you can treasure for the rest of the year and more! 

Angie Mastroyiannis
Angie Mastroyiannis


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