Luxury Swiss Watches Paired With Sterling Silver Cufflinks: A Timeless and Classic Combination

by Angie Mastroyiannis May 16, 2017

Luxury Swiss Watches Paired With Sterling Silver Cufflinks: A Timeless and Classic Combination - ONE BOND STREET

Accessorising can be a challenge, especially for the sophisticated gentleman, looking to retain a distinguished and classy image. When statement jewellery pieces and chunky chains aren’t your thing, it can sometimes be difficult to even think of an appendage that would supplement your look, other than, perhaps, a rather boring watch or the same old pair of sterling silver cufflinks.

For women, it seems easy, with a whole host of jewellery, bangles, brooches and scarves available to spice up outfits and add some flare. But so often, the gentleman will forego accessories altogether, missing out on the opportunity to exhibit his sense of style with watches, cufflinks and bangles, because he feels so limited in options.

Luckily for him, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth: there is an entire spectrum of high quality Swiss made watches, as manufactured by DuBois et fils; stylish bangles; sterling silver cufflinks as sold by One Bond Street; simple necklaces and so much more out there, just waiting to be discovered. The addition of these tasteful pieces will complete any ensemble and inject a little character, whilst retaining the air of refined sophistication that the classy gentleman is yearning for. It’s simply a case of trying new things – different jewelry, a fresh watch, some new sterling silver cufflinks - and seeing what works best for you. 

While there are all sorts of options, from bangles to necklaces, it’s hard to deny that there are two classic pieces that should be an indispensable feature of every gentleman’s wardrobe: the sophisticated and elegant, high quality Swiss made watch, as manufactured by the likes of DuBois et fils, and a stylish set of One Bond Street’s quality sterling silver cufflinks. It’s a classic pairing that, if you get it right, offers the perfect route to a complete and distinguished look that is understated, yet interesting and can work amazingly regardless of the occasion. There will be so many people complimenting your watches and sterling silver cufflinks, that you may have to consider taking them off for a while!

In homage to this timeless paring, we at One Bond Street have collaborated with DuBois et fils, the oldest manufactures of the highest quality Swiss made watches, to make it easier for our customers to accessorise with a sophisticated combination of elegant watches and sterling silver cufflinks. The beauty of this coupling is that it will never grow old and will suit any outfit or occasion. You can select almost any timepiece from DuBois et Fils’ Nomads of Time range and it will almost certainly blend nicely with a pair of luxury sterling silver cufflinks, regardless of colour, shape or size. And once you’ve tried this out, you may feel more comfortable with trialing other varieties of accessory, whether it be a stylish bangle, a subtle necklace, or any other jewelry that might take your fancy.

As a sign of our commitment to the classic coupling that is high quality Swiss made watches and sterling silver cufflinks, part of One Bond Street’s new alliance will involve us providing our loyal customers with the opportunity to partake in exclusive viewings of DuBois et fils’ Nomads of Time range. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Angie Mastroyiannis
Angie Mastroyiannis


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