How to Iron Your Shirt For the Crisp, Clean Look

by Angie Mastroyiannis October 22, 2018

How to Iron Your Shirt For the Crisp, Clean Look - ONE BOND STREET

Are you in a new relationship and, your other half has asked you to iron his shirt {gasp}! Normally you'd laugh and say no, but you're all loved up so you agree and then realise you have no idea where to begin? 

Or, is your mama normally the one to iron your shirts however, today she's lunching with her friends, and you're scrambling to iron your own shirt, madly researching instructions? 

Or, is your partner begging you to do him a favour this one time, so you're playing nice because he'll 'owe you one' (Psst! Perhaps hint that you’d like an exquisite bangle or delicate necklace in return!)

No fear... whatever the reason you're here, we have you covered. Here are some quick and easy instructions on how you can iron away your troubles!

Take the crumpled, wrinkled shirt in question and let’s gets started!

  1. Read the label: Cotton and cotton blends can withstand higher temperatures from the iron whereas polyester cannot. If you’re not sure what material you have on hand, always start at a lower heat setting first.
  2. Spray with water: Some irons will come with a steam and spray function and you can add water directly into the iron. Or, you can simply fill up a spray bottle with water. A little mist will help iron out those stubborn wrinkles.
  3. Collar First: This is the most visible part of the shirt and should always be ironed first. Make sure to flip your shirt around and iron both sides of the collar.
  4. Cuffs Second: This is the next most visible part of the shirt and the part where the very dapper cufflink will feature … you know a beautiful silver cufflink or perhaps that sporty and fashionable silver rugby cufflink. Without properly ironed cuffs, these fine statement cufflinks will fall through so we need to get this right. Unbutton the cuffs and lay it out flat. Iron the inside first making sure you do not iron the buttons. Then flip the cuffs around and iron the other side.
  5. Move to the Front: Iron the front of the shirt, tackling one side at a time. If you want a more crisp look, iron the outside and inside of the shirt. Starting with the side that has the buttons, work your way around the buttons and smooth out any wrinkles. Pay special care to the placket, ensuring a smooth look.
  6. Then comes the Back: Lay the shirt flat on the board with the sleeves hanging down the sides and iron starting from the top of the shirt and working your way down. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the shoulder area (yoke).
  7. Save the Sleeves for last: Ironing the sleeves is always a tricky one. We recommend smoothening and getting the sleeves in place first to avoid creating creases while you are ironing. Start at the cuffs and work your way up to the shoulder. Always flip the shirt to check for any creases on the other side.

If you’re really unsure about how to iron a shirt, it might be worthwhile to invest in a steamer. These work well to remove wrinkles and are simpler to use. Remember, always hang your shirts to reduce the occurrence of wrinkles.

We talked about the importance of dressing smart and making a good first impression. After making an effort to dress well and wear the right accessories, the last thing anyone wants is a crumpled shirt! It would be a shame to walk out with a bespoke shirt and suit, paired with perfect cufflinks and the perfect tie and still look like you just rolled out of bed!

Now that you know the basics for ironing a dress shirt, why not give it a shot? With practice, you should be able to iron your shirt in a matter of minutes. Don’t forget to pair it with the right accessories such as these bespoke cufflinks (also available in gold)  for that extra dapper look.

Did you know we've partnered with Sartoria San Giorgio to bring our clients high quality bespoke shirts. Click here to check out our special discount!

Angie Mastroyiannis
Angie Mastroyiannis


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