Wooden Lacquered Cufflink Boxes – it’s better to give than receive but hey I’d be more than happy with one of these.

by Angie Mastroyiannis April 28, 2017

Wooden Lacquered Cufflink Boxes – it’s better to give than receive but hey I’d be more than happy with one of these. - ONE BOND STREET

Stuck for a gift idea then a cufflinks box could be the answer.  There are loads of occasions that would warrant beautiful Wooden Lacquered Cufflink Boxes
Ever wondered where gift giving comes from?  It actually dates back thousands of years, humans are basically social folk who enjoy each other’s company and expressing feelings through gift giving.
As far back as the cavemen giving gifts was pretty commonplace, it was used to show love and affection towards each other.  And no they didn’t give cufflinks the French Cuff shirt hadn’t been invented yet! It was also inferred as a status symbol when tribe leaders would show their appreciation of achievement.  It could have been an unusually shaped rock, an animal tooth, the bark from a tree or something natural in origin.  Wooden Lacquered Cufflink Boxes would have been awfully handy to store these gifts.
In Egyptian times, gifts were given to the pharaohs who then built massive pyramids to store everything for their afterlife. Wooden Lacquered Cufflink Boxes are much more practical and really don’t need all that space!
During the Roman era, people would present each other with good luck tokens (no not cufflinks yet), they were used as presents to carry favours and show allegiance.
By the Medieval age, gifts were used to gain the personal favour of the king or to show support in times of war.  Also personal gifts of betrothals were given as dowries, they were anything from coins, to precious metals or even a herd of cattle (still no cufflinks option).  In many cultures dowries still exist today, Wooden Lacquered Cufflink Boxes would be a perfect addition.
Today gift giving is still part of everyday culture, it defines who we are and what message we want to send.  It is spread across all cultures around the world from celebrating weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, sending good luck, or get well wishes.  It’s a way to show love and affection or just to say thanks.  Wooden Lacquered Cufflink Boxes would be appropriate for many of these occasions.
Gifts can be given to family members, friends, work colleagues and neighbours, the list is endless. 
There has been a lot of research over the years into the feelings of wellbeing that occurs when gifts are given to someone you care about.  There are a number of reasons.
  • We feel happy – basically giving a gift makes a person feel happier about themselves as well as the person they are giving the gift to (could be cufflinks).  In studies people were asked to give a gift as part of an experiment and this resulted in people actually feeling  better and happier with their own lives.
  • Greater social connection – by gift giving you are building stronger connections to the person receiving the gift, who in turn feels closer to you.
  • Improves your state of mind – research suggests that gift giving may improve a persons state of mind.  If it makes you feel happier with a sense of purpose then this will inevitably improve your state of mind.
So now you’re convinced make yourself and your family and friends happy with Wooden Lacquered Cufflink Boxes.

Angie Mastroyiannis
Angie Mastroyiannis


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