Racing, Fashion and Wheel Spacers - Cufflinks for the Modern Man

by Chris Harker March 07, 2019

Racing, Fashion and Wheel Spacers - Cufflinks for the Modern Man - ONE BOND STREET

We were at our local car breakers yard looking for more inspiration for designs to complement our existing sterling silver racing cufflink designs. Designing little racing cars to fit on your cuff is not for us – cheap and cheerful and too gimmicky.

 You can see from our collection we capture iconic racing themes from the 1960’s – livery and racing numbers associated with famous tracks and legendry drivers. Our sterling silver Monza cufflinks, Stowe cufflinks box and Copse watch box, Kyalami sterling silver cufflinks, the list goes on and not a single little car in sight.

So there we were, chatting to our “Chief Engineer” (actually the owner of the yard), kicking around ideas and sifting through crushed and soon to broken up vehicles destined for the compactor. I was wondering where the big overhead magnet was when, as the grab approached and snatched a gearbox, pile of metal and cables a circular disc fell out and, like some tumbleweed took off at a rate of knots – a swift chase and it was apprehended. A wheel spacer, perfectly engineering, aesthetically pleasing and in need of some further explanation.  

These little engineered discs are used to install larger tires on existing axles, wheel spacers are devices that fit over a vehicle's holding bracket to create extra clearance between the wheel and the wheel hub assembly. Without wheel spacers certain custom wheels would sit too close to the existing inner wheel well.

More often than not made from aluminium, perfectly circular, c.4mm thick, milled spaces and weighing in at just a few pounds this was it. Rubbing gunk, oil and other detritus from the reclamation industry off my hands we quickly conferred and decided that this was a suitable challenge to replicate into sterling silver cufflinks.

We decided rather than to upcycle the product we would copy its design in solid sterling silver and overlay on black onyx. The design perfectly complements any cuff, these Spacer Sterling Silver Cufflinks are perfect for the racing insider.

So, if you are looking for something a little bit different, a gift with true meaning, then ONE BOND STREET can help. You too can Live Fast & Dress Well.

Chris Harker
Chris Harker


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