The Charming Versatility of Sterling Silver Cufflinks

by Angie Mastroyiannis September 15, 2017

The Charming Versatility of Sterling Silver Cufflinks - ONE BOND STREET

As most will be aware, cufflinks – whether sold by One Bond Street, made from sterling silver or otherwise – are traditionally associated with formal occasions; with tuxedo ensembles, fancy dinners and luxurious and opulent settings. And, with the class, sophistication and elegance that sterling silver cufflinks impart, formal events are, indeed, the perfect occasions to sport them; they give off exactly the air of refinement and charm that every dapper gentleman desires.

Whilst perfect for formal affairs, however, adorning oneself in stylish and exquisite sterling silver cufflinks, like those sold by One Bond Street, does not have to be limited to these occasions. Perhaps, a number of years ago, this was once the case. Now, though, men’s fashion has come a long way and, as long as your shirt has long sleeves and the necessary holes to accommodate these stylish fastenings, a stunning set of cufflinks can be made to look appealing with pretty much any well put together ensemble.

This is partly because, cufflinks now come in a multitude of different styles, shapes and sizes. One only has to take a cursory glance at One Bond Street’s stunning and vast range of sterling silver cufflinks to appreciate this multitude of styles; they can be colourful, or simply silver, patterned or plain, big, small, circular, rectangular and a whole host more.

Indeed, this means that they can be made to suit a variety of different outfits. You could, for instance, sport a beautiful set of simple and plain sterling silver cufflinks with a crisp white shirt and a pair of chinos for a smart, yet understated exterior. This would provide the perfect finishing touch to a dapper and cultivated outfit. Alternatively, you could dress up a stylish pair of jeans and a beautiful smart shirt with a more colourful and vibrant set of cufflinks, for a smart yet casual appearance. The injection of colour gives a more laid back feel and can be matched to whatever colour scheme of outfit you have chosen.

This means that cufflinks can be worn on a number of different occasions; office parties, laid back lunches, day-to-day and a great deal more. And why ever not? Accessory options for men are often rather limited, so why not make the most of any opportunity to inject a little character and express yourself by wearing exquisite and tasteful sterling silver cufflinks?

Of course, there are a number of outfits that would look a little silly with sterling silver cufflinks. If, for example, your apparel is especially casual –say, ripped jeans, flip flops and a long sleeved shirt – cufflinks, whether sterling silver, big, small, colourful or otherwise – may seem a little unnecessary and over the top. It's best to leave them out on such occasions and save them for slightly smarter affairs.

With that said, on most occasions, with the plethora of cufflinks available on the market, you will usually be able to work in a stylish set of elegant cufflinks, like those sold by One Bond Street, into your chosen outfit. So don’t be held back by the outdated notion that cufflinks are the preserve of tuxedo ensembles, and inject a little character into all of your cultivated, refined and elegant outfits!

Angie Mastroyiannis
Angie Mastroyiannis


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