Sterling Silver Cufflinks: The Perfect Corporate Gift

by Angie Mastroyiannis July 18, 2017

Sterling Silver Cufflinks: The Perfect Corporate Gift - ONE BOND STREET

A fast growing and much enjoyed trend, corporate gifting – whether it be sophisticated sterling silver cufflinks, high-quality pens, elegant bespoke bangles, wooden lacquered jewellery boxes or anything else -  is an excellent avenue through which to signal appreciation, reward loyalty and demonstrate good will. Corporate gifts can be given both internally and externally, to customers and employees alike, and can bestow a number of valuable benefits, not just to the lucky recipients but to those doing the corporate gifting as well!

If a company wishes to give corporate gifts to their customers, maybe for many years’ worth of loyalty or perhaps to enhance brand awareness, the gift in question, naturally, needs to be special, exclusive and high-quality. For gentlemen in particular, this means sterling silver cufflinks, like those marketed by One Bond Street, make for an excellent corporate gift. Indeed, gifting a set of elegant sterling silver cufflinks would, no doubt, be a great way to reward loyalty and also send a desirable message to clientele: that your company is classy, generous and greatly appreciates their custom.

For most female clients, however, sterling silver cufflinks, no matter how stylish, are probably not a suitable gift to give. A beautiful sterling silver bangle, on the other hand, would be a wonderfully fine choice and would be sure to put a smile on the face of any fortuitous recipient. Of course, the gifting of high-quality sterling silver bangles, does not have to be limited to female recipients - after all, which sophisticated gentleman wouldn’t also appreciate a tasteful sterling silver bangle?

Giving sterling silver gifts, like cufflinks and bangles, to loyal or even brand new customers, is a wonderful way make a grand goodwill gesture and is sure to impress; it is certain to ensure their repeat custom and build even further upon any brand’s good reputation. Corporate gifting, however, does not have to be limited to customers – it can also be highly beneficial, both to employees and employers alike, for corporate gifts, like sterling silver cufflinks or beautiful and luxurious bespoke bangles, to be given internally, to valued employees.  

Corporate gifting to employees – whether it is timeless sterling silver cufflinks or classy bangles – is likely not only to make employees feel appreciated but also to give employers a number of valuable benefits. Giving a stunning set of sterling silver cufflinks or a beautiful bespoke bangle, for instance, is likely to make employees aware that their hard-work has been noticed and is well-regarded, and will, thus, boost the morale and productivity of workforces.

Sterling silver cufflinks and elegant bespoke bangles make the ideal gifts regardless of whether a company wishes to pursue corporate gifting internally or externally because they are charming and luxurious and thus an authentic symbol of appreciation. Much better than giving a pen or a key chain, they are thoughtful, meaningful and likely to be very well received by both customers and employees. After all, who wouldn’t be exceedingly grateful to receive an exclusive set of sterling silver cufflinks, like those sold by One Bond Street, or a beautiful sterling silver bangle?

Angie Mastroyiannis
Angie Mastroyiannis


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