(Nearly) Spring-Time Sterling Silver Cufflinks and Bangles

by Angie Mastroyiannis February 23, 2018

(Nearly) Spring-Time Sterling Silver Cufflinks and Bangles - ONE BOND STREET

In spite of the chill that is still lingering in the air, and the fact that most of the trees are still without their leaves, there’s a real sense that spring is on its way-  its perceptible! The days are growing longer; the skies are turning brighter; and, some days, the sun is even stopping by to show its face! With this in mind, it’s a good time to start thinking about – yes, you guessed it – spring-time wardrobes! However, in this post we’re not talking about clothing, we’re talking about sterling silver jewellery, like beautiful sterling silver bangles as sold by One Bond Street, and luxurious sterling silver cufflinks.

Many of us think much less about changing our sterling silver jewellery in time with the seasons than we do about clothing, as making clothing alterations seems like much more of a necessity. Indeed, we all get to the stage where we simply have to put away our heavy-knit jumpers, scarves, hats and gloves in favour of lighter apparel. We do not, however, often find that we need to make changes to our sterling silver jewellery, like our sterling silver cufflinks and bangles. And of course we do not – but the point is, it’s much more fun if we do!

The arrival of the spring-time, for example, provides us with the perfect opportunity to be a little more playful and adventurous with colour, when it comes to our sterling silver articles, like One Bond Street’s sterling silver cufflinks and bangles. Indeed, unlike during the bleaker winter months, when we find ourselves sporting much darker apparel, in the spring time it’s great to start introducing some bolder and more vibrant hues. This could mean, for instance, adoring oneself in a wonderful set of One Bond Street’s signature Bond Street Yellow sterling silver cufflinks or perhaps our marvellous shocking pink roundel cufflinks. Indeed, this would be the perfect way to put the gloomy winter behind us, and welcome in the sunshine.

You could also start wearing sterling cufflinks with more intricate and delicate designs, like One Bond Street’s wonderfully exquisite Koi or Taylor cufflinks. Although, of course, these can be worn all year round, regardless of time or place, they are much more likely to be seen during the season of spring as they won’t be covered up so much with thick jackets and coats!

With regard to sterling silver bangles, like those sold by One Bond Street, it’s a good idea to trade chunkier, heavier bangles, like One Bond Street’s beautiful Delfi bangle, for more delicate and dainty designs. This is not because one is better than the other; it is simply because, much like with sterling silver cufflinks, during the spring time, there is an opportunity to actually show off more delicate sterling silver bangles as they will not be covered up by so many layers of clothing like they would during the winter. You could also opt for more brightly coloured bangles to celebrate the return of the sunshine!
Of course, all of these beautiful articles – sterling silver bangles and cufflinks – can be sported the whole year through, whether it be winter, spring, summer or autumn. However, it’s just that little bit more enjoyable to do all of this when the sun is shining and our environment is a little lighter and brighter!

Angie Mastroyiannis
Angie Mastroyiannis


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