• The stunning COPSE box is named after one of the famous corners at the Silverstone racing circuit in the UK. Nestled in the English countryside, Silverstone is surrounded by luscious green fields and small pockets of dense woodland, knowns as copses. The searingly quick Copse corner, which was the circuit’s first turn for nearly 60 years, passes especially close to Chapel Copse and Cheese Copse, hence its name.

    Exclusively designed by ONE BOND STREET our custom made watch boxes are hand made by craftsmen experienced in fabricating humidors.

    Choose between our 4 watch and 24 cufflinks or 8 watches internal layouts.

    The 4 watch option includes removable trays housing 4 watches in individual cushioned felt lined compartments in addition to 2 further trays each accommodating 12 pairs of cufflinks and felt lined throughout.

    The 8 watches option features a removable tray which can house up to 8 watches in individual compartments, felt lined throughout.

    The unique design and high gloss finish ensures this striking box is a work of art and a welcome addition to any room.

    • Lockable with a tracking device (comes as option) enabling the box to be located via iPhone and Android
    • Watch Box Dimensions: 300mm x 200mm x 100mm
  • ONE BOND STREET delivers globally and offers standard and express delivery options at check out.