What's in a Hallmark?



ONE BOND STREET cufflinks are made from solid sterling silver - to prove it they are hallmarked in London with our ONE. sponsors mark. Here is a little information to help you understand one of the many exclusive attributes of our company.

"Precious metals are rarely used in their purest form but are usually alloyed with other metals for workability, durability, wearability. It isn't possible to detect an article's precious metal content by sight or touch. Therefore, it is a legal requirement for an Assay Office to hallmark articles containing precious metals if they are described as such.  Hallmarks are marks applied to precious metals to indicate the amount of pure metal in the alloy. Traditionally applied by striking with a punch" - London Assay Office

The Full Traditional Hallmark of ONE BOND STREET can be seen below comprising five marks: our exclusive ONE. Sponsor's mark, Traditional fineness mark, Millesimal fineness mark, Assay Office mark and Date letter mark.