Solid Sterling Silver Cufflinks from London – thank France for first introducing the French Cuff.

by Angie Mastroyiannis April 08, 2017

Solid Sterling Silver Cufflinks from London – thank France for first introducing the French Cuff. - ONE BOND STREET

Some of the finest things in life have come from the French – French Kissing, French fries, French Toast, The French Press – well maybe not but the French did introduce the French cuff. I’m sure they also have plenty of Sterling Silver Jewellery.
Luckily the French Cuff is having a bit of a reawakening due to the resurgence of formal attire, and therefore cufflinks, (including Solid Sterling Silver Cufflinks from London) are very much in demand.  When you think of cufflinks you probably imagine something worn by your father or grandfather but cufflinks are making a fashionable comeback.
What other Sterling Silver Jewellery is both functional and ornamental.  Traditionally cufflinks were linked to formal or semi-formal eveningwear but now they can be worn in any situation to add a bit of individual style.  Wearing cufflinks is an effortless and classy way to display your personality.  Everyone should have a few pairs of cufflinks in their lacquer cufflink box.
Let’s get to the basics. Cufflinks are an alternative to buttons, but unlike buttons are completely removable.  A cufflink or Solid Sterling Silver Cufflinks from London, fastens a shirt sleeve by sliding through holes on either side of the cuff opening.  It is then locked or fixed into position to hold the two sides together.  The most common cufflink has a decorative front face and a post that extends from the back of the head, plus a hinged toggle flips out from the post to fasten the link. A great piece of Sterling silver jewellery engineering.
When wearing a French cuff shirt, as they don’t have buttons, it seems obvious that you need cufflinks.  It just looks sloppy to wear one without – like wearing lace-up shoes without the laces.
Hang on though, you don’t only need a French Cuff to wear Solid Sterling Silver Cufflinks from London.  They can be worn with a single cuff shirt to give a more casual look.  A tailor or dressmaker can very easily convert any shirt that has a basic button and buttonhole to one that can take Sterling Silver Jewellery in the form of cufflinks.  They just take off the button and put a small buttonhole in instead.
When to wear your Solid Sterling Silver Cufflinks from London?  Cufflinks are best known as an alternative to buttons worn with formal and semiformal dress.  Actually they’re one of a small group of accessories that are timeless so no need to feel over dressed or out of place. Many folk will say you need to wear a jacket to wear cufflinks but that is just not the case. So why not mix cufflinks with a ratty flannel work shirt like the contemporary hipsters.  There are absolutely no hard and fast rules on how to wear your Sterling Silver Jewellery in the form of cufflinks.
It’s strange because as work clothes have become more casual with dress-down-Friday jewellers (those folk that sell Sterling silver jewellery) have reported a weird phenomenon – a sharp increase in cufflink sales.  Maybe this is because the pressure is off to dress formally in the workplace and folk are having more fun when wanting to dress up. 
Cufflinks should complement not overpower the overall appearance and style.  Just make sure you pick some stylish and classy for your outfit.  One Bond

Angie Mastroyiannis
Angie Mastroyiannis


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