Wooden Lacquered Cufflink Boxes: Shocking Pink and More Understated Hues

by Angie Mastroyiannis November 11, 2017

Wooden Lacquered Cufflink Boxes: Shocking Pink and More Understated Hues - ONE BOND STREET

For the seasoned cufflink connoisseurs amongst us, it will be commonly appreciated that beautiful and elegant sterling silver cufflinks, like those sold by One Bond Street, deserve to be stored in a safe, dry and memorable place. After all, wouldn’t it be devastating to invest in an exquisite set of these high-quality fastenings, only to damage, lose or even simply forget about them?

Well, one could, of course, store them in a jewellery box or a special drawer – that way you’d know for certain that your most cherished sterling silver cufflinks, like those sold by One Bond Street, were out of harm’s reach and unlikely to be misplaced or forgotten. Without a doubt, however, the ideal place to store them is in one of One Bond Street’s charming and exquisite wooden lacquered cufflink boxes.

These is not just because One Bond Street’s wooden lacquered cufflink boxes will keep your most prized sterling silver cufflinks safe and sound – although this is a very certain benefit. It is also because, with an appear tray crafted specifically to house up to 24 pairs of luxury cufflinks, they are built especially for this purpose. And they are even multi-purpose, with a lower compartment that can be used for storing watches and all sorts of other sterling silver jewellery.

What’s more, aside from functionality, One Bond Street’s stylish wooden lacquered boxes are also the perfect home for beloved sterling silver cufflinks because they, themselves, are a thing of tremendous beauty and craftsmanship. Indeed, One Bond Street’s creative team devote a great deal of time to the perfecting the technical design of their stunning cufflink boxes; they are incredibly experienced in fabricating humidors, meaning they are works of art and a beautiful and welcome addition to any room.

The most recent, and perhaps the boldest, addition to One Bond Street’s exquisite range of wooden lacquered cufflink boxes is their striking handmade Shocking Pink Roundel Cufflink box. In such a bold hue, and with a stunning roundel design incorporating green, purple, white and blue in its centre, this particular cufflink box is certain to make a statement and act as a real talking point. Indeed, it is sure to capture the attention of almost anyone who sets eyes upon it.

Vivid shades and shocking pinks, however, may, of course, not be to everyone’s taste. There will be many, I’m sure, who would prefer a more understated design. Fortunately, there are several wooden lacquered cufflink boxes in One Bond Street’s stunning and extensive range that fit this bill perfectly. The Stowe Cufflink box, for instance, which comes in French Blue is a great example, as is the One Bond Street Box which comes in our signature Bond Street yellow.
Whatever the colour or design, however, all of One Bond Street’s stunning wooden lacquered cufflink boxes are beautiful, functional and particularly practical – making them the ideal place to store cherished and beloved sterling silver cufflinks. Indeed, whether in shocking pink, French blue or any other style, they provide a safe place to house ones cufflinks that is also a thing of beauty in its own right.

Angie Mastroyiannis
Angie Mastroyiannis


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