Selecting the Right Cufflinks For the Right Occasion

by Angie Mastroyiannis November 24, 2017

Selecting the Right Cufflinks For the Right Occasion

Once the preserve of formal events and black tie celebrations, cufflinks, whether made from sterling silver, purchased from One Bond Street, or otherwise, have become a much more mainstream accessory in recent years. Indeed, unlike in years gone by, they are now sported at a plethora of different events and settings, from lunches with friends, to work, meetings and parties. 

This is likely to be due to the countless different styles available on the market, making them a far more versatile and flexible fastening than they used to be. Whilst certainly a cause for celebration, however, the vast array of cufflinks available to us now does bring with it its own challenges: indeed, it makes it difficult to be certain as to the kind of cufflink that is right for one’s apparel. 

The material that a cufflink is crafted from is, perhaps, the most important factor to be considered here, as it is the material of a cufflink that plays the largest role in determining how formal it is. 

When attending black tie events, for instance, sterling silver cufflinks that are enhanced with precious gemstones or even crystals are the order of the day. This gives off an opulent and luxurious feel and injects a little pizzazz into an ensemble.

For weddings, on the other hand, its best to skip the gemstones and opt for more simple yet elegant sterling silver cufflinks or, perhaps, even gold cufflinks. This will help you to give off an air of refinement and sophistication without (most importantly) upstaging the bride or groom! It will help you to appear cultivated, suave and well-put-together without being over the top or attracting too much attention. 

In more informal settings, you can afford to be a little more creative and opt for the quirkier and more vibrant cufflinks in your collection. These can be in bold and striking hues, like One Bond Street’s stunning Shocking Pink Roundel Cufflinks, or perhaps made of unusual materials, like wood or even leather. This will enable you to exhibit your personality and unique style, whilst retaining the air of sophistication that all fine cufflinks bring to an ensemble.

In an office setting, sterling silver cufflinks with charming enamel designs, much like a number of One Bond Street’s cufflinks, fit the bill perfectly. This is because they look stylish and give the wearer a well-put-together and polished appearance, without being too much or too gaudy for the occasion. Indeed, at work its best to opt for more understated styles, that aren’t too eye-catching or overly flashy, which makes subtle enamel designs the ideal workplace choice.

It’s best to be armed with a number of these different styles of cufflink so that, whatever the occasion, you have a suitable set of these charming fastenings at the ready, but don’t find yourself wearing the same set for the same kind of event over and over again. This way you can always appear cultivated, refined and well put together, but always in a manner that suits the occasion perfectly. 

Angie Mastroyiannis
Angie Mastroyiannis