Say "Happy Mother's Day" With Sterling Silver Bangles and Candles

by Angie Mastroyiannis March 09, 2018


With Mother’s Day just a few days away, many of us will have already purchased thoughtful gifts - perfume, chocolates, flowers, sterling jewellery? - with which to surprise our beloved Mothers this Sunday. For those last minute souls who haven’t already done so, however, we thought we'd offer a little gift inspiration in order to help you to show the most important lady in your life just how much she means to you! Just be sure not to leave it too long, time is of the essence!

Whilst there are many things you could present to your precious Mother this Sunday, we are of the firm belief that, without a doubt, sterling silver jewellery, like One Bond Street's stunning range of charming and elegant sterling silver bangles, makes for the perfect Mother's Day treat. Indeed,  giving luxurious jewellery, like One Bond Street's beautiful sterling silver bangles, to the most treasured lady in your life is a sure fire way to put a grin from ear to ear on your Mother's face and demonstrate your gratitude and appreciation - exactly what this special day is all about!

Indeed, whether from One Bond Street or otherwise, giving sterling silver bangles and other beautiful sterling silver jewels on Mother's Day is far superior to chocolates or flowers. Unlike the latter, the former shows thoughtfulness, effort and consideration and, after all, isn't that exactly what most Mothers yearn for?  On top of this, to make your sterling silver bangle or other jewellery into an even more thoughtful and cherished gift, you could have it engraved with something sentimental - a service offered by One Bond Street. This is certain to make your Mother's Day surprise even more personal and well received, whilst being effortlessly straightforward to do!

You could also buy your Mother a beautiful scented candle. This would undoubtedly make a welcome change from the chocolates and flowers which have became a standard (and rather tedious) part of the day! One of One Bond Street's beautiful sterling silver Roundel Candles, for example, would fit the bill perfectly. These charming sterling silver candles not only look delightful, sophisticated and opulent with the glimmering lustre of their sterling silver exteriors, their scent is divine too! It is One Bond Street' signature ONE16 scent which is a fusion of Bergamot, Tangerine, Seaweed, Musk, Amber and Cedar wood.

Of course, these charming gifts require that you invest slightly more than if you were to opt for chocolates, flowers or perfume. But isn't it worth it? We certainly think so. After all, what better feeling than to put an enormous cheesy grin on your beloved Mother's face and to demonstrate your love, gratitude and appreciation for the most treasured lady in your life! 

Angie Mastroyiannis
Angie Mastroyiannis