Cufflinks Crafted From a Genuine Boeing 747-400 Jet Airliner: Stylish, Chic and Adventurous

by Angie Mastroyiannis June 13, 2017

Cufflinks Crafted From a Genuine Boeing 747-400 Jet Airliner: Stylish, Chic and Adventurous

Many distinguished and debonair gentlemen sport sterling silver cufflinks on a day to day basis. Whether at an important conference or business meeting, an opulent formal dinner or a simple, causal lunch date with friends, their stylish shirt sleeves are nearly always adorned with a classic and elegant set of these tasteful sterling silver fastenings. And why ever not? Sophisticated sterling silver cufflinks are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit: endowing the debonair gentleman with precisely the refined and polished appearance he so yearns for.

So often, however, the debonair gent will find himself donning the very same set of sterling silver cufflinks day in and day out, never bothering to try anything a little more adventurous. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this: sterling silver cufflinks, whatever their guise, are a modish and stylish, timeless classic. But wouldn’t it be nice to trial something a little bit different? To spice up your daily attire with something interesting, new and original?

One Bond Street’s luxury and exclusive, 747-400 cufflinks might be just the ticket! Crafted out of a genuine Boeing 747-400, along with the finest solid sterling silver, they may just be exactly what the gentleman needs to inject a little curiosity, character and flare into his already cultivated and dapper image. After all, it’s not everyone that can say that their luxury, British themed cufflinks have been made out of a 747-400 – especially when only 100 pairs have been created!

To add to its exclusivity, the 747-400 is not just any plane, but an improvement of the 747-300 and the best-selling out of any of the Boeing 747 collection of jet airliners. As well as this, the parts utilised in the manufacture of One Bond Street’s 747-400 cufflinks have been recently recovered from Gloucestershire’s Kemble Airfield in the United Kingdom which, in addition to bestowing them with a distinct and exquisite uniqueness, helps to retain their classic British charm. 

As usual, with One Bond Street’s sterling silver wares, these distinctive 747-400 cufflinks have been individually assayed in Britain’s very own capital, London, and are, thus, adorned with the customary hallmark of Great Britain, along with One Bond Street’s very own, exclusive ONE mark. This means that the fine sterling silver, that accompanies the aluminium composite of the 747-400, is of the very highest and purest of quality.

Any distinguished gentleman, who opts to adorn his elegant shirt sleeves with a pair of One Bond Street’s 747-400 cufflinks, will surely be the envy of all of his companions. It’s a sure fire talking point to sport a classic set of cufflinks that, along with high-quality solid sterling silver, have been crafted from the parts of a genuine Boeing 747-400, salvaged from a British airfield. It’s simply the ideal way to add a little character, adventure and uniqueness, giving simply any outfit a tasteful, polished and interesting finish.

As with all of One Bond Street’s luxury sterling silver goods, what better way to protect these exclusive 747-400 cufflinks than to invest in a classy and distinctive wooden lacquered cufflink box? Manufactured by experienced and talented craftsmen and lined with luxurious solid felt, utilising a wooden lacquered cufflink box is the perfect way to both protect your high-quality cufflinks and show them off for the world to see. After all, who wouldn’t want to display their quality cufflinks, crafted from a genuine Boeing 747-400 and the finest sterling silver, in pride of place?

If you are interested in owning a pair of One Bond Street’s luxury 747-400 cufflinks, be sure not to hesitate as with only 100 pairs having been created, they are sure to be snapped up very swiftly. To reserve a set simply email and be the envy of all you encounter!

Angie Mastroyiannis
Angie Mastroyiannis