British themed cufflinks from BOND STREET – where else of course than arguably the best retail street in Europe.

by Angie Mastroyiannis March 30, 2017

British themed cufflinks from BOND STREET – where else of course than arguably the best retail street in Europe.

For those who have never been fortunate enough to visit Bond Street it is in the west end of London, linking Piccadilly with Oxford Street.  It has a worldwide reputation for luxury retail including cufflinks.
Bond Street was originally built on fields around Clarendon House, which was on Piccadilly, it was developed by a Sir Thomas Bond.  In the 1720’s it started to be built up and by the end of the 18th century it became a favourite place of the Mayfair upper-class residents to socialise. – wearing British themed cufflinks from BOND STREET as they had impeccable taste.
Way before this there is evidence of a Roman settlement – as we know from past blogs they hadn’t yet invented cufflinks. 
In the 19th century, Bond Street became famous for luxury shopping.  Phillips the auctioneer opened in 1796 at 101 Bond Street.  I’m sure they have sold many British themed cufflinks from BOND STREET in their time.  However they originally specialised in sheet music and string instruments.  Asprey the jeweller opened in 1830 at 165-169 Bond Street, selling a line of cufflinks I’m sure.
Old Bond Street is linked to Albemarle Street through the Royal Arcade where many jewelers still exist selling British themed cufflinks from BOND STREET.
Bond Street has kept its reputation for luxury shopping, Bloomberg Business in 2011 reported that it was the most expensive retail street in Europe after the Paris Champs-Élysées.  This unfortunately has led to there being a number of robberies, which are attracted by the high value of goods.  Graffs in Bond Street in 2009 suffered the loss of diamonds estimated to be worth around £40 million.  Let’s hope not too many cufflinks have been stolen. 
The City of Westminster council has noted that Bond Street has the highest density of luxury shops in the world, which attracts the rich, famous and curious.  The whole of Bond Street (including the shops that sell cufflinks) has been made part of the Mayfair Conservation Area since 1969.  Many of the buildings are listed, so any alterations are tightly controlled including the style on shop front advertising.  You’ll need to go inside or better still online to find cufflinks.
Bond Street at one time was best known for top-end art dealers and antique shops.  The London office of Sotheby’s has been at 34-35 Bond Street since 1917.  I wonder if they have sold more British themed cufflinks from BOND STREET, than their rivals Phillips!  By the way if you ever visit Sotheby’s in Bond Street have a look for the sculpture over the entrance.  It is from Ancient Egypt and thought to be from around 1600BC and is the oldest outdoor sculpture in London.  And yes, the Egyptians hadn’t yet invented cufflinks either. The Fine Art Society was founded in 1876.
There is also a statue of Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, both cufflinks wearers in their time.  They are sculptured by Lawrence Holofcener sitting on a park bench in conversation, no doubt discussing the merits of British themed cufflinks from BOND STREET.
Lastly for all you Monopoly fans out there, Bond Street is a square on the board.  It is in the most expensive green coloured set which also has Regent and Oxford Street.  All of which are great places to find cufflinks.  But it’s much easier to search online.

Angie Mastroyiannis
Angie Mastroyiannis


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